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Fund Raising

Over the years we have established a proven and effective fund-raising process: 

fund raising
Why us?
    • We have established close relations with a wide network of investment entities: many dozens of VCs, Incubators, Angels, Angel Clubs, private / public investment and M&A groups
    • Our relationships and credibility with these investors enable us to bring our clients to meet with senior partners and decision makers (not analysts and deal-flow managers), thus increasing the chances to raise funds by more than a 10 X fold
    • We have a proven record of raising millions of dollars for entrepreneurs and startups
    • We make sure that our customers are well prepared before meeting investors. We cover all the bases: professional business plan; convincing presentation; strong and balanced team; proof of concept; strong IP; and far more.
    • We save you time and resources by getting you in front of investors that fit your venture, domain, market, stage and amount of funding. We make sure the investor has a keen interest in the investment. We do not want to waste your time nor ours
    • We accompany the entire process with the investors in order to drive it forward towards an investment, leveraging our relationship and familiarity with the due-diligence process
    • We help you to avoid making critical mistakes in dealing with investors, so that you do not “blow your chances” or get rejected by several VCs or private investors. Be aware that VCs share their experiences with their fellow VCs and you may quickly find your self on the wrong side of the field


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